About the launcher

Optics that do justice to your BMW

Many of the Android head Units on the market offer excellent exterior optics, but in comparisson to most WinCE units, the UI leaves room for improvements. That's exactly what this launcher was developed for.
Naturally, the launcher works just as well on every other Android device. (Android 5.0 or higher required)
Download the .apk file, install it, and enjoy!


Control your Mediacollection without leaving the launcher

The launcher has an integrated Mediaplayer, which isn't inferior to any other full-size Mediaplayer by any means. Play your songs just as well as your videos.

Optionally, you can even control 3rd party players like Spotify inside the launchers UI.

I-BUS App/ DeepOBD

Combine the functionality of the I-BUS App with the optics of the iDrive Launcher!

In combination with the I-BUS App you can display live data and many more inside the Launcher. Thanks to the I-BUS App you have all your boardcomputer data at a glance, just as in the original.
You can also show DeepOBD broadcasts inside the launcher.


Essentials at a glance

Configure up to six different gauges freely to your needs and have the most important data at a glance.



It's completely free

The launcher is 100% free. No ads, Freemium, Lite-Versions whatsoever.

Control the launcher with your iDrive controller

Controlling a device with a touchscreen can, especially while driving, become a huge burden and potentially even be dangerous. Therefore the launcher was designed with simple controls and also supports hardware controls. That's especially interesting for people who have had original iDrive in their car like in the E90, E60, ... series.

Optics that improve your interior

One of the main principles of the launcher, besides the simple operation, are the optics. In contrast to many other launchers, the iDrive launcher integrates itself perfectly into your cars interior, without feeling too modern or out of place.


Configure up to 6 gauges to your needs and always have the most important live data at a glance.

Autostarting apps

Choose apps that you want to have running all the time, like the I-BUS App or a radar warning app.

All in One

The Launcher offers most of the important functions inside one single App, thus melting the boundaries between the launcher and the device itself. It's hardly just a launcher.


How to install the launcher?

It's quite simple, the launcher can be installed on every Android device with Android 5.0 or higher. Download the .apk file and install it with any data manager of your choice or the "APK-Installer".

If you have any unanswered questions or problems, please visit the Facebook page, you will be helped there.

Also I'm always searching for people who are abled to translate the launcher into different languages, if you speak any language, which still isn't supported by the launcher and you want to help me out, please contact me!