Version 1.5.1

-350 km/h-cap for GPS, in order to filter enormous GPS-speed-values resulting in unreasonably big rpm values.
-Some backgrounds and the iDrive Button were slightly adjusted in exposure.
-Installation issiues on Android 6 were fixed.
-The launcher doesn't crash every 10 seconds anymore on Android 6 devices.

Version 1.5

-data from the I-BUS App and DeepOBD are processed and shown inside the "Vehicle Info" card
-textsizes of different elements can be changed inside the appearance settings
-Spotify Albumart
-cooldown after animations was significantly lowered in order to provide a smoother experiance
-on reboot's the last title is correctly resumed
-button conrols are a bit more consistent now
-many bugfixes which could have lead to crashes

Version 1.4

- An option was added for importing and exporting all settings, cards and playlists onto the main-storage.
- A button to reset the controls was added.
- The iDrive Button can be adjusted in Real-Time inside the LayoutSettings.
- You can select if you just want to display the songtitle or songtitle + artist inside the statusbar (Beat It vs. Beat It - Michael Jackson).
- Double-Click on albumcover -> adds Song to Playlist
- Songinfos are now recognized by the I-BUS-App.
- Player now also looks into the song-directory for albumcovers, if no id3-tag is found (.png / .jps).
- Click on status bar brings you to the player, now also outside of the main menu.
- A bug was fixed which sometimes caused the app to crash when entering the player while no song was selected.
- New animation for switching between tabs.
- In addition to changing positions of entrys inside a card, you can now also move them between cards.
- You can no longer set up two cards with the same name.
- While selecting icons, they are now also shown, you no longer have to "guess" the icon.
- Track-colors of some switches were fixed.
- Various other smaller bugfixes/ optimizations I can no longer remember ...

Version 1.3

-The Music Collection has further developed into a Media Collection and you can now play videos😉
-Media search algorithm was optimized and is now way faster then before
-some minor bug-fixes (e.g. a bug which caused the player to crash sometimes if Spotify was playing in the background was fixed)


-Minor UI changes
-Many little bugfixes
-Wifi-strength in status bar